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Maxime BerrebyParisFranceDon't worry, be happy. There's no need to grumble, there's no need to grouse. Enjoy each bit of life.
Olivia BerrebyParisFranceTo my lovely daughter Olivia, have fun and always remember to be happy. We love you and we are proud of you always.
Joel BlochParisFranceI wish for more love.
I wish for more peace.
I wish for more funny.
I just wish for more in the world!
George Bernard Shaw.United KingdomWhen a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.

Jerry Seinfeld.USAA bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking

Melissa ParkerSydneyAustraliaI love you Josh and want to spend the rest of my life with you
Henry WilsonMontrealCanadaPretty girl, I met you at the froggy's bar last night; you were so fine; call me we are going to have good times together forever
Sarah SmithManchesterUnited KingdomRob, what's wrong with you? Call me or forget about me forever ! You said you love me and now what ? Come back to me
Josh LevPoughkeepsieUSATo Lynn, mummy, you will always be in my heart and I will try to live the way you taught me. All your teachings were so precious and valuable. My only mission is to transmit tham to my children and future generations. See you soon mummy.
Piotr KowalskiGdanskPolandTo my lovely children. Always enjoy life and be positive on any occasion. Health, love, family. I love you
Rachid BenbarkaCréteilFranceAimez-vous les uns les autres. Arrêtons la violence et aimons la vie. Isabelle, tu es l'amour de ma vie.
Francis DelportTorontoQatarHi Lisa, love me tender, love me please, you are everything I need and we will soon be together forever
Isabelle CamusWashingtonUSAHi Sean, call me, I was mad at you yesterday but you are the love of my life. Always yours.
Tina NanniMargateUSACarlo I love you forever. You are the one I chose to be the man of my life. Let's be happy all our lives to enjoy and share moments, children, laughs. This star is for you so you can always remember how much I love you.
Martha FritzQuebecCanadaTo my daughter Bianca, I am so proud of you and I will always be. Never forget to be happy and to enjoy life. Be sure of what you are, mummy and I will always support you.
Olivier JacqueToulouseFranceCe site est vraiment génial. Je veux dédicacer mon étoile à Françoise, ma bien-aimée. Tu me rends fou et cette étoile, quoi qu'il arrive restera à jamais gravée sur Internet et dans mon coeur.
Jacques MartinReimsFranceMonsieur Martin, je suis un de vos plus grands fans et tenais à vous le dire. Bravo pour votre grande carrière, je suis très peiné de votre disparition. Où que vous soyez, continuez à illuminer notre vie et à faire marrer les anges. Robert M. de Reims.
Maria GeldofLas VegasUSATo Louise, my lovely daughter born yesterday. Have a wonderful life. Be strong. Mama is crazy for you. Whatever happens in our lives, I want you to know that I love you so much and I'll always will.
Colette BrownManchesterUnited KingdomBobby, you are a b****d, the way you dumped me last night. Girls, never let him do what he did to me. He is Bobby M. from Manchester and he is not at all a gentleman.
Alan BrownManchesterUnited KingdomGo Man United. Rooney, you are my hero. I will follow you wherever you go.
Franck PerrierPerpignanFranceTania je t'aime pour la vie. Nous 2 c'est tout ce qui compte. Je veux passer toute ma vie avec toi et te faire plein de bébés.
Tina QuesteBrestFranceTina, tu es l'amour de ma vie. Je te souhaite d'être toujours heureuse, accomplie et de réaliser tous tes rêves. Ton papa
Franck WilsonNewburghUSAHappy birthday Daddy and many more, you are the best and I love you so much. I will always be your little girl. Forever yours. Michelle
Bill WaterfordTexasUSADaddy, you have always been there for us. Be happy with the stars, we will always remember you. My children and their children will learn about your great teachings. Love is all.
Chloe ParkerSydneyAustraliaI love High School Musical. it is my favorite movie ever and I am a huge fan. Come see my blog; it is all about High School Musical.
Sergio GomezMadridSpainHola chicos, when you come to Madrid to party, just go to my blog and come to see me there. We will make a huge party.
Kim WangChicagoUSAKim, you just walked today and I cried because it was wondeful and this is the most beautiful thing that happened to me. With your big fat legs you were so cute and I am so proud of you. Mummy
Carla NegriTorinoItalyCiao à tutti, I just want to say that environment is the most important thing we all have to take care of. If we want lo leave something to our children, this is the moment to react. Save our planet.
Bruno PontiMilanItalySpero que tutti will understand my message : stop using your car, there is no oil anymore and we need to clean our planet to save our planet. Earth is all we have. Love is good but if we all die, it will be useless.
Chiara MoroNapoliItalyAmore amore amore. Marco ti amo tantissimo. Solo penso di te i ti voglio bene. Love is all. Viva italia.
Rocco BartoliMontrealCanadaThis is a star dedicated to my family. You are the most important thing to me. I wish you all a healthy and happy life. Do something that really matters. Forget about vanity and useless actions. Be useful to the people you love. Be helpful. I love you and I always will.
Tina LevequeMontrealCanadaTina, my little baby, this is a star to remember the day of your birth. We are so happy to have you with us and we wish you the best life ever. Have fun, follow your star and destiny. We will always be on your side. Daddy and Mummy
William NkoutchouParisFranceFather, we are so sad you left us today. You have been a brave man, always on our side. We will remember all your words and all teachings you taught us. You said hard work is the key to a happy life. Vain is pain. No pain no gain. This is how we will live our life and teach our children. Be happy in heaven, we love you.
Franklin BarnesSan FranciscoUSADear Grandpa, you just left us today and I felt like dedicate you a star for etrnity as you were always so close to us and kind me. You told us that cruelty is wrong, that peace and love are the 2 best things in the world. You told us to forgive, to work hard to be happy and to be faithful and loyal to each other. We will never forget you. Emma
Mark JonesSan DiegoUSAMark, you turn me on. Look around you and you will see me. I am all around you and you don't even know. Give me your love and you'll be happy. Yours. Mysterious babe.

Rob MesrieCheadleUnited KingdomHello mon ami; je m'appelle Robert forever. Max
Louise AppleLondonUnited KingdomLouise, my love is eternal; the moments we spent last night were unforgettable and I thank you for this. Please never forget them. This star will always shine for us. Bill
Greta MartinLiverpoolUnited KingdomGreta, happy birthday; you are my everything. I know you are sad to grow but our love will never fade and this star is to prove how eternal you are. Give me your heart baby.
Françoise PoirierReimsFranceMamie, je pense à toi très fort; tu guides chacun de mes pas; jamais je n'oublierai l'amour que tu nous a donné. Chacun de tes plats était un don de toi et la preuve éclatanfe de ton amour pour nous. Tu es mon modèle; ta douceur, ta gentillesse, ton attention, ton écoute était telle que je continue à te parler. J'en profite pour t'écrire. Ta Manon
Huguette LévyTunisTunisiaMémé, repose en paix; je pensais à toi comme tous les jours et tu me manques; j'espère que tu es heureuse là haut; tu nous as tous inspirés ici par ton humour permanent; ne jamais se prendre au sérieux, toujours secourir ceux qui en ont besoin; malgré les épreuves, savoir que la vie est courte et pleine de bonnes choses; penser aux plus démunis, progresser, donner, grandir. Baisers. Ton boulou.
Jacques MartineauTorontoCanadaGrandpa, we miss you and we are so happy to dedicate you a star forever. My daughter Louise turned 10 today and we all remembered when you used to say that 10 is the age of reason, pure heart and wisdom. We told her that and she understood perfectly what you meant. Love. Alex
François RogerMarseilleFranceA toi celui qui a illuminé notre vie : tu disais toujours "rien ne sert de pourrir, il faut rire à point". C'est toujours notre devise, ne jamais baisser les bras et prendre le bon temps à chaque instant. La vie est belle. Tu le savais; de là haut, j'espère que tu seras content d'apprendre que tu nos as tous gâtés et que nous poursuivons ton oeuvre. F
Jennifer LoveDallasUSAI want to be in your arms all day and night long. Jen, you are my baby, my flower, my bumblebee. Sting me. S
Claude BertDallasUSASave our planet; environment is the key of our future, politicians, all human beings, think of Earth, mother nature is not vain. Think of the consequences of your acts. Do not give our children a dirty world and a future like Mad Max movies. We can still save our world.
Piotr VasdaMiamiUSAStop war, why fight for stupid ideology while we will soon be dead if you don't stop fighting. Tolerance and understanding only can save the world. Do not harm the others. Take care of your friends and family. Be open to other ideas. Stop war.
Paul FornerMiamiUSAMy star forever is about our children. What do we want to give them ? Wars, disease, hate, anger, religion wars ? Think of innocent babies, see all human kind as innocent babies; why hurt each other ? Peace and love will never get old.
Franck AsserafTel AvivIsraelFor my beloved wife and my little angel - Forever love. Franck
Sandira CalviacNew-YorkUSAFor a wonderful girl !
I wish you all the best. Health, Love and Happinness.

Eva BourcereauParisFranceWith All My Love. Dad
Martin BourcereauParisFranceWith All My Love. Dad


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