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  Full Name City Country Message See it!
Louis BourcereauParisFranceWith All My Love. Dad
Frederic BezollesParisFranceTo Olivia, Sienna and their wonderful parents Filomena and Maxime. May the joy be with this family forever!
SALMA BADOURRabatMoroccoEres unica Salmamia
Liana Marie DemirsProspectUSATo My Granddaughter,who makes me feel so Alive.I Love You All The Way To Heaven. Love 4-Ever Nawnee.xoxoxoxox
Caroline Clarkson DrakeMiltron KeynesUnited KingdomThis star is dedicated to all the people who have helped me on my journey. Those who offered a shoulder to cry on, who never let me down when times were bad and who wanted to make poverty history.
Mateusz PazTarnobrzegPolandKocham Cie Asia Strasznie Tesknie i mysle o Tobie kazdego dnia Jestes moim najwiekrzym skarbem
frédéric brochardParisFranceHopeless is word for the one who do not watch the stars.
Capt. Kathrrine Edwards-Rielley Jr.BaghdadIraqBabyGurl, I love you. You light up my life..Thankyou for marrying me..I give you My heart, My love,& the brightest star to wish upon.Accept this star as a sign of our bright future. Luv Ur wife BETH
David ParraLodiUSAThis Star brings peace in my world.
Carla DavisPontiacUSAThe brightest star of all.
Spencer SimpsonLa MesaUSAYou are the brightest star in my universe.
Sheri SomervilleSpokaneUSAKirk Mason: You will always be loved even if you are stubborn. You are my life even if you choose not to be with me. Forever yous, Sheri
Derik PerezRio Grande CityUSAYou are the light that shines in my heart. You are the star that twinkles my eyes. My love for you brightens my world forever and always!
Jérôme BouteillerParisFranceA toi la star de mystarforever. Merci pour ton amitié précieuse et tout ce que tu as accompli pour le cyberespace.
Pensées éternelles.
heendrickxen VéroniquerouenFrance Une étoile qui brillera toujours dans mon coeur.
Sarah ChauveauParisFranceYou are the sunshine of my life. Let this star be your light of love. Forever yours. Fred
Jami ThompsonRockfordUSATo my beautiful daughter Emma Renee ~ may all your dreams and wishes come true and may you always remember to stop and look at the stars... I love you forever! mommy
ruben berrebyparisFranceLife !
Ruben BerrebyParisFranceDear Ruben,
You are just born and you are a beautiful baby.
Be always happy, free and caring of your family and friends.
Carmith ShaiBostonUSAGilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev
follow the stars to come back home, we are waiting for you.
Carmith ShaiBostonUSAThis is the star that guides me through my journeys. Do you know who is there and watching me? My grandfathers Samuel and Jacob and my grandmother Hanna. Z'L
Rachel WoursellBostonUSAQue cette étoile éclaire toujours ton chemin vers tes nouveaux projets dans ta vie sentimental et professionnelle. Ta nouvelle amie, Carmith
joelle kosmann Tel avivIsrael Que l UNICEP perdure !
famille delhayecharentonFranceBienvenue Ruben. On te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !
ruben berrebyparisFranceBienvenue Ruben. On te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !
Titouan, Phileas, Gaelle et Alain
Sandrine duquesnespuget-theniersFrancePour toi, je décrocherai une étoile... Bon anniversaire Sandrine
Esther WalesClaytonUSAYour my wish Jon. I love you so much.
Adam Wright-HinesSyracuseUSAValerie,

Here is To Our First Christmas Together I Love You So Much, My Shooting Star

Stinky Butt
Sylvain GERONBoulogne-BillancourtFranceVictoire, notre étoile pour la vie, tes 3 frères, ta maman et ton papa te souhaitent bienvenue parmi nous.
ansu gChikodiIndiaHi summi, naming a star in your name makes the star existance complete. Love you dear, Some relations live forever..........
Sijia XuNew YorkUSAI dedicate this star to my best friend. You have always been there for me. Weve grown up together and experienced life together. I just wanted to say I love you and I miss u.

Henri BousquetLa BauleFranceColleagues and friends for more than 40 years, you have become a great part of my life. I will always remember your joie de vivre as well as your pursuit of excellence. You accomplished so many great things in chemistry and in life, in general. Anywhere you are now, I am sure you will have fun and enjoy the moment. I will miss you my dear friend. EBY
Kirk MasonPhoenixUSAI bought this star for Kirk because he is the love of my life. I want everyone in the world to know how special he is to me. He is truly the love of my life. I LOVE YOU, KIRK DONALD MASON
David BowieLondonUnited KingdomMister Bowie,
I am a huge fan and I want to dedicate this star to everything you accomplished, to all your beautiful songs. You are eternal and your music will never fade away.
Roger Wilson, NY
Clara RuizCopper MountainUSAMy Clara, you are my shining star, I love you with all my heart and all mysoul. I have loved you for 26 years and every day was a happy day thanks to your love. I will always love you and wish you a merry christmas and a wondeful year 2008.
Julie WexlerPontoiseFranceJulie, nous nous sommes rencontrés hier pour la première fois et j'ai l'impression de te connaître depuis toujours. J'espère que tu ressens la même chose pour moi. Franck
Thomas WattiezTorontoCanadaDear Thomas, we all wish you a happy christmas and a wonderful year 2008.
Take care. Always yours. jr
Ruth MazzelliSan AntonioUSAHi babe, every time I see you I fell so lucky to be with you and to love you like I do. I miss you so bad right now. Love always. Your Jeff
Ethan CoenNew YorkUSAI am a huge fan of everything you accomplish in this world. Thanks for improving my life. Beth T.
Michal PichelParisFranceA star is born. Merci infiniment pour ton aide et bravo pour tout ce que tu as accompli durant toutes ces années. A très bientôt. mb
Tyler BrownBaton RougeUSAIf I could reach up and hold a star for every time youve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.
Happy Valentines Day, Leslee. I Love You.

Love, Tyler

Leslee & TylerCity Of Boundless LoveUSAIf I could reach up and hold a star for every time youve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.
Happy Valentines Day My Love. I Love You, Leslee.

Love, Tyler
Chris + TinaBellevilleCanadaCommercial holidays mean very little to me,
then came you Chris.
You ve made me laugh, filled my days with sunshine, feel a reason to celebrate..thank you!
Happy 1st Valentines together xo Tina
Marsal GaelleOrvilleFranceQue la trentaine soit la dizaine de la révélation et de la réalisation. Que cette étoile te guide comme elle te protège. Avec tout mon amour...

Alex !!!
Thierry BuffoGersFranceTu l'as bien méritée, ton étoile ! Merci pour tout et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures dans l'univers impitoyable. Cot cot. M.
Phoenix WilsonPoughkeepsieUSADear Phoenix,
Welcome to our world. I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in your life. If there is a problem you call me.
Uncle Max
Star DurenbergerLoveAustriaYOU ARE THE BRIGHTEST STAR

Michelle(babe) VibertBostonUSAThis star is the brightest one ,so that makes this mom.
Love William & Andrew your loving sons .Love always.
Jeremy Robert Lopez ScottparisFrance
à la mémoire de votre grand-père


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